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How best to celebrate Bastille Day 2016 in France

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July fourteenth in France, frequently called Bastille Day among English speakers, denote the commemoration of the raging of the Bastille fortification in Paris, a key commencement point for the French Revolution. It’s France’s national day and normally a day away from work. So what do individuals do? Nowadays...
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What Actually Happened on the Bastille Day 14 july 1789

Bastille Day History
The July 14 occasion commends another “shot listened ’round the world” The French national occasion of Bastille Day—commended every year on July 14, or le quatorze juillet—may spell firecrackers and an extensive military parade for a few, yet for most, regardless it denote the commemoration of the raging...
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20+ Best Bastille Day 2016 Quotes & Sayings

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Bastille Day is the celebration of France and it is praised on fourteenth july consistently. Bastille Day is National occasion in France. About this Day some vast scale open events are held, together with a military parade in Paris, notwithstanding common nourishments, moves, gatherings and firecrackers. There’s a...
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Bastille day: Carnivals & Festivals Paris 2016

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Bastille day in Paris – Before we begin only an update that the French don’t call it Bastille day yet “le quatorze juillet” or, less frequently, “la fête nationale”. On the off chance that you say “Jour de la Bastille” while in France, you will get some odd...
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